TF-one GmbH improves efficiency of domestic financial sector, makes it global by getting producers from developing countries access to the biggest capital markets of the world. Local industrial companies will cut costs, discover new regional markets and finally add to GDP growth.

In collaboration with global commodity traders seeking expansion of business in CIS region TF-one GmbH creates sophisticated funding products using structured trade finance. Our products cover various industries including agricultural sector, construction, metal and mining production, retail, banking.

We assist clients from Ukraine and other CIS countries in financing of trades and other activities using resources originated in developed financial markets like Europe, the USA and Asia.

Our business: Trade and Structured Finance

TF-one GmbH originates financing, including equity financing by:
  • Discounting of proceeds under letters of credit;
  • Advance payments to producers for customers’ orders to be paid from letters of credit;
  • Repurchase agreements to buy and sell various machinery, equipment and other kinds of goods.
At the same time, TF-one GmbH arranges financing for agricultural producers from Ukraine and other CIS countries in collaboration with transnational commodity traders and structures financing via trade finance instruments under mandates of commodity traders.


We are a team of professionals with comprehensive experience in banking, financial engineering, trade and structured finance, documentary business, capital markets.
Whether you are an established international business or taking your first steps abroad, our highly skilled team will provide tailored solutions to raise financing, gain capital, increase sales and discover ways to accelerate cash flow.

About us

TF-one GmbH is a Swiss trading Company and a tax resident. We are regulated by all applicable law of Switzerland including Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA).
Our business is driven by personal development of the management and opportunities created within transitional economies. We encourage entrepreneurship spirit, continuous professional education and proactive approach. Creativity in problem solutions makes complex things simple. That is our aim in solving clients’ tasks and that creates value to their businesses.


We strive to comply with applicable law and the highest standards of financial sector. We do not simply follow the regulations but aspire to work with the leaders of economic sectors with implemented international standards of corporate governance, ethics and professional conduct.

Avenue de la Gare 1, 1003, Lausanne, Switzerland (c/o Fid-Elite Wealth Services SA)

Protasiv Yar 2D,
03038 Kyiv, Ukraine.